AI/ML Policy

TL;DR - I do not consent to my content being used in AI or ML tasks, unless specific permission is requested from and granted by me. Violations of this will lead to DMCA or escalated legal action.

I, Callum Booth, do not consent to the use of my intellectual property, hereafter referred to as "IP", as part of third party machine learning (hereafter "ML"), artifical intelligence (hereafter "AI"), or data collection efforts.

1. Definitions

2. Permission

2.1. Permission may be requested from and granted by me by contacting me directly.

2.2. Discussion will take place as to the purpose of your data collection request, the nature of the application you wish my IP to be a part of, the extent of the data you wish to collect, the use case of any results, and any additional safeguards I request in order to remove my content from your application at a later date.

3. Violations

3.1. Violation of this policy, as either discovered by or reported to me, will be met with immediate takedown action, including but not limited to direct and repeated takedown requests to the policy violator, DMCA takedown requests, repeated takedown requests made to the hosting provider, repeated takedown requests made to the any higher institution in control of the data, and eventual legal action.

3.2. In the event of violation, no opportunity for an a priori agreement will be extended. Forgiveness will not be granted in lieu of permission.


Can you even do this?


Does this policy mean you hate AI?


But you do AI work, isn't this hypocritical?

I specifically as a matter of academic rigour request explicit and well-defined permission from any and all copyright holders of content I intend to use in my work before work begins. This same generosity has not been extended to me in the past, hence this policy.

Can I use your IP in my AI or ML project or dataset?

Maybe. Send me a request and we'll talk (§ 2.1).

I'm gonna just use your work anyway you can't stop me.

Cool. The law says you can't. So buckle up for when I find it (§ 3.1) ❤.

I found some of your IP in a dataset.

Gross, lemme know asap where it is please!

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Updated 2024-03-14.